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Commit to be Fit

This transformational 6-week strength and conditioning program designed to help you hit your fitness goals, no matter your experience level. Join PCF and 760 Nutrition in the “Commit to be Fit” Challenge! Besides the amazing workouts, this challenges also comes with a nutrition meal plan, body composition test and measurements, community vibe for support and encouragment.

Each week of the challenge is broken down and workouts get progressively more challenging as you go. Take on the challenge and show yourself what you’re made of. It Never gets easier, you just get stronger! Are you in?

This unique opportunity will begin on October 1st 2020 to prepare you to take on the holiday season. All current PCF members are free to attend this challenge and anyone you get to sign up for the challenge counts for the referral program!

The cost for all other interested parties is $200, which includes all workouts, diet advice, body composition test and measurements, and a “Commit to be Fit” T-shirt.

Starting Thursday, October 1st2020.


This one-stop fitness and health reset will cover all aspects needed to kick start your health!

-A personal coach to keep you on track and accountable.

-Nutrition guidance and meal planning.

-Movement instruction and workouts in the gym.

-Sleep and Hydration guidance.

-Simple sign up, show up and follow our instruction and you will lose weight and feel better 🙂



– Burns fat

– Tone up

– Builds lean muscle

– Boost metabolism & energy levels

– Increase confidence


Challenge Details

-$200 for non-PCF members

-Train 3-5 times per week

-Gym orientation

-Nutritional guidance with 760 Nutrition

-Sample meal plan from 760 Nutrition

-Body Composition measurements from 760 Nutrition

-Intro to bodyweight exercises

-Intro to Olympic lifting techniques

If you commit to your health, follow the nutrition plan, complete all of your check-ins, and attend 3-5 classes per week, your results are guaranteed. Our 6 Week Challenge is a custom-designed, proven system to help you lose weight, get stronger, feel great, and change your life in 6 short weeks.  If you’re looking to kick start your health and fitness, this is the program for you!