Greetings Athletes,

Happy September! WOW! There is so much going on, and it is quite exciting. That is why we needed to get this newsletter out to you all ASAP. Please take some time to look at the attachment. We really want a way to connect with you all (local and non-local), and this newsletter is just a start, so keep any eye out on IG/FB and our blog page for news and updates. This newsletter covers down on new coaches, new classes, new programs, new website, new pages, new ways to connect, new partners and the list goes on. This is all happening as we are getting closer to moving back indoors, and it just makes for a great start of something truly special.  

In addition to the newsletter we really want to hear from you, and how we are doing. Please take 3 minutes to submit the anonymous survey at the link below. The feedback you provide is very valuable to the PCF staff, and we look forward to seeing your reviews.

Lastly, we have to say how thankful we are for this community. The past 5 months have affected us all, and we have prospered! As a community we have grown, we have rebuilt, and we are now stronger. Thank you for trusting us, for being a part of this unique community.