Dana’s story:

I had never struggled to maintain a healthy weight and fitness level until I was in my early 40’s – that’s when the extreme swings in weight began.

I had been a competitive athlete all my life & competed at the collegiate level.

I had always been able to lose the pregnancy weight quickly after each of my 4 pregnancies – even though my last 2 boys were only 10 months apart.

I was an avid runner and began lifting weights in the gym at 16 years old. Being married to a Marine inspired and motivated me to stay fit, which is how we met in the first place, on our youth swim team when I was 12 and my husband was 13 years old!

Fast forward to my early – 50’s, when I truly felt “out-of-control” by my lack of fitness and weight gain, not to mention trying to balance hormones, working/coaching competitive high school athletics for 50/week.

Physically, I felt terrible. I had no confidence, no energy, no fitness “purpose”, which had always come so easy and naturally to me.

I lost 40 pounds by eliminating refined sugar & processed foods over the course of 8 months, but had reached a plateau and was getting pretty frustrated!

I had always wanted to try CrossFit but I thought that was only for young & elite athletes – I had never trained in this modality before and wasn’t sure that I could learn a new sport at 53 years old!

On Oct. 20, 2021 I walked into Polarize Crossfit and was immediately hooked! I have regularly been attending 5 days/week, made drastic changes to my work schedule, reset my priorities/purpose, & could not be happier – hubs is VERY happy too!

To say that Polarize CrossFit is one of the BEST communities that I have ever been part of is an understatement!

Best coaching that I have ever received – Coach Jo & Coach Anthony could not be more professional and patient with me; the other members are amazing people! I LOVE IT HERE! I am happy, strong, confident and enjoy learning what I can better with each WOD.

Now when I take my grandchildren on outings, people think I am mom!