They opened their doors to support the NoCo Sober group (via the Phoenix App), which is just way awesome!  Great workout, great facility, thanks for the coaching!

Eric J.

After trying multiple gyms in the area, I picked this one due to its hospitable staff, good hours, cleanliness, equipment upkeep and availability.

I think the gym is a bit of a hidden gem, and its location keeps it hidden from public view. I believe that fact alone makes it so classes are never overburdened with people. This makes it easier to get personal instruction, keep equipment clean and nice, and get to know the coaches and other athletes on a higher level.

For the year and a half or so I have been a member I have attended usually four or five times a week. I usually go in the mornings. Currently due to low numbers in the morning they are considering doing away with it. If they do I will have to go to another gym and that would be upsetting because I feel other gyms are not as personable in the area. Sunday cardio sessions have been done away with for now, but with some more interest it could come back.

Coach Jo is now the owner, and my wife and I have come to know her personally. She has actually helped us with cooked meals when my wife had surgery.


Polarize CrossFit is an amazing gym. Probably the best I have ever been a member of and I’ve been a member of many (as I’m in my 50’s). The people here have become like family to me. Everyone made me feel welcome from the first day I walked in.  All the nervous jitters of joining a new gym was gone in about 15 minutes on that first day and I have always felt welcome since.

Jo is amazing, as a coach and as a person. She has just the right balance of encouragement and positive reinforcement. She will help you push yourself to your limits but never push you to a place where you shouldn’t go. Her knowledge, skills and techniques are superior. Sometimes I want to say…yeah I’ve got it Jo (lol)… but in the end she has made me much better in my technique, skills and my strength has increased dramatically. My favorite words I always hear from Jo are “Look’en good Team!”

The same goes for Rick and Kevin. They are both amazing trainers as well as great human beings. Many times when Rick is working out with the group, he will intentionally hold himself back. I believe this is his way of not wanting to appear to elevate himself over others. It’s ok Rick… you can go for it; our feelings won’t be hurt. My main purpose for writing this review is simply to encourage others to join our gym to strengthen it with numbers and increase our gym family. My review is totally unsolicited and written completely out of affection for the awesome people running our box and for those that I suffer and thrive with day in and day out. The pandemic has certainly been difficult but our gym will survive and thrive again soon as it is one of the greatest places on earth to spend a few hours a week surrounded by awesome people while we all improve ourselves.  Welcome to our family. We look forward to meeting you soon.