Susan P.

The Community at Polarize CrossFit’s gym is awesome! All of the members are welcoming and go out of their way to make a new member feel comfortable.  Fitness comes in all shapes and sizes and Polarize CrossFit focuses on helping each individual meet their goals!

Luce S.

Great community, relaxed gym with a wide range of fitness levels. Fun events. I really look forward to working out, seeing the coaches and the members. Come give it a try!

Lety G.

Great gym, friends, and great coaches. This will always be home for CrossFit for me!  Thanks for pushing me to my limits!

Jeff and Brittany S.

My husband and I dropped in from out of town and I can’t say enough of how welcoming and nice everyone was to us! Coach Jo and Mike were both very helpful with technique and gave us great pointers. The facility was also very clean and organized. I’m so glad I found this CrossFit and I will for sure come back the next time we are in the area.

Nancy N.

I participate in the MAC program which is strength building along with stretch, cardio and balance. I appreciate the routines Lauri sets up for my class and for the gals that attend each session. Jo offers open gym hours conducive with my schedule. Polarize is the place to go for your workouts.