Polarize CrossFit and Coach Jo changed my life.

In 2014 I walked into Polarize for my son, and was intrigued by the idea that I might be able to get fit myself.  During my second fundamentals class I had to put my head between my knees… I’d injured one of my feet very badly in 2008 and all the other exercise programs in the world say, “Start by walking”.  Well, I couldn’t walk very far because my foot would swell up.  I was weak, my cardio health was in shambles, and I’d despaired of having any activity in my life again.   Coach Jo helped me, encouraged me, and kept me moving.   Sometimes she stopped me when I needed to be stopped!

Every coach worked with me to get me properly scaled and challenged.   And here, at last, I found that I do have an athletic talent!  I’m strong!  That’s crazy… how did I not know this all these years?   I started with CrossFit, moved to Olympic lifting, and then on to powerlifting.   In 2019, I spent a year working closely with Jo.  She programmed workouts and worked with my nutrition.   Results?  In a year I lost 20 lb, moved my deadlift from 305 to 325, my backsquat from 265 to 300, and dropped my A1C enough to keep my doctor from dosing me with melatonin.   All this, the year I turned 47.

To put this in perspective, by the time I’d worked with Jo for five years, I went from not being able to do half a dozen walking lunges to having an elite level backsquat.  Oh, and when we took the kids to Disneyland, my husband and I walked them into the ground.  Seems all that leg muscle really helps offset the damage done back in 2008.  No more walking stick for me… Polarize changed my life.

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