Taylor S.

This is by far the best CrossFit gym I have ever been to. I spent just under two years of my life with this gym (only left because my boyfriend and I moved to Utah). A close knit gym is what I believe is the most important quality for a good CrossFit gym to have. It helps push athletes and coaches to stay motivated while  continuing to improve. The coaches and athletes treat each other like family here. They push and encourage while knowing each athlete’s goals and limits. They celebrate small victories as well as large and improvement is what motivates coaches to continue to push and support their athletes. I have tried many new CrossFit gyms out in Utah and I can’t find one that compares to Polarize CrossFit. I miss it so much and I wish I still lived close by.

Agnes C.

Jo and the team here at Polarize CrossFit are amazing!! They are genuinely here to see you succeed and what a great environment to be around!  It’s a hidden gem tucked away in Oceanside. Give them a call today; you won’t regret it.

Carrie J.

I love this place! The coaches are excellent and I can push myself as hard or as easy as I want to- no pressure. The gym is always clean and organized. There are opportunities to socialize, attend workshops to learn more- it’s a lot of fun.

Garlan B.

My daughter plays travel softball and needed a local, quality trainer. Finding Coach Jo @ Polarize fitness has been the best! She talks to you, understands what you want and need. The gym is always super clean, always friendly and dedicated staff as well! It’s a must have in your routine!

Susan M.

I had a hip issue that I was seeing a physical therapist for. Most of the stretches and exercises I did at physical therapy were things that we were doing in the Sweat BootCamp at Polarize with Jo. My physical therapist  released me and said just keep going to your boot camp! Thanks Jo!