Hiren M.

I have been attending Polarize CrossFit for about 3 years now. I initially joined the gym to attend their barbell club. My goal back then was just to increase my overall strength. I was pleasantly surprised that the members of the barbell club had a wide range in terms of age and level and I found that I easily fit in. The coaches and fellow members helped me along the way.  I achieved my goals while learning proper form and technique.  My wife loved the CrossFit and Sweat Classes.  We started taking the CrossFit classes together.  My health and fitness was boosted even more.  The coaches are great at modifying the workouts to my level but I still can see great results. The barbell club complements the crossfit workouts very well. I strongly recommend Polarize CrossFit to anyone who wants to improve their overall fitness, irrespective of their goals.

Sandra S.

Fantastic coaching. Excellent workout.

Great camaraderie. Encouraging to be the best you can be. Strengthening your whole body to be physically fit. Never felt better.

Jamie H.

The BEST! Great coaches and community! Plus side, the gym has a ton of space, natural light and is very CLEAN!

Anthony I.

Great community and great coaches! This place brings people together and is great for all levels of fitness. Coaches will help you if you are just starting your fitness journey as well as help the more advanced athletes work on their advanced skill movements.

Jeff and Brittany S.

My husband and I dropped in from out of town and I can’t say enough of how welcoming and nice everyone was to us! Coach Jo and Mike were both very helpful with technique and gave us great pointers. The facility was also very clean and organized. I’m so glad I found this CrossFit and I will for sure come back the next time we are in the area.