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Meet Yuri…
Never in a million years did I think I can lose my my pregnancies’ weight. For awhile I kind of accepted it and I didn’t have the energy to do be active with my kids or for myself. I was on a boring routine that made me feel miserable.
After trying 24 Hour Fitness for a year and the YMCA for 6 months with no results, I knew I needed more if I was really going to do this!!
One day I was driving on Industry Street and I saw the CrossFit gym sign and I stopped and went in. The coaches made me feel so welcome and everyone was so nice that I signed up right on the spot!
I immediately fell in love with CrossFit and I managed to lose my weight, gained confidence, strength, energy, you name it and Polarize CrossFit gave me back what I once was (before kids lol).
Now there’s nothing I won’t do with my 5 kids plus more. Not only did I become stronger, I also got a second family, a second home. I naturally take care of the gym like if it was mine haha. My kids have grown up here, they feel comfortable and safe and that alone I would not change it for the world.