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As the owner of Polarize CrossFit, I am absolutely passionate about training my athletes to see results.   Every athlete is different, but all are welcome at Polarize.   I have seen incredible transformations in my own health and in the health of those who commit to their success.   Whether you’re here to excel in your chosen sport, change the outside of your body, or maintain, my coaches and I will work with you to hit those goals.  We’re experienced in working with athletes at all fitness levels, and scaling the workouts so that they are challenging – but safe.   You’ll see every kind of athlete at Polarize CrossFit.   We’re a tight community who care about one another, work together, and encourage each other to achieve our best.   Why choose Polarize?  We are truly set apart.

 –   Coach Jo

Decide.  Commit.  Succeed.

December 2022


December 2022


Sunday, December 11 at 11am – Guajome Park
Access free parking off Guajome just past the gates for camping
Bring kids, dogs and the entire family!

Saturday, December 24 at 9am
12 Days of Christmas WOD
Optional White Elephant Gift Exchange
$15 gift limit & Potluck after WOD

Monday, Dec. 26 – 9am ONLY

Saturday, December 31 at 9am-11am-Super Saturday
3 WODs Competition Style/Partner Workouts

Monday, Jan. 2 – 9am ONLY

*Workshops are always FREE to Polarize CrossFit Members  & $10 cash/attendee for non-members

**$ means there is a fee and registration required for the event

***Events are at Polarize CrossFit unless noted 😊

Written Testimonials (5)

Karen B.

I will never be able to put into words how I truly feel about Polarize CrossFit.  I was so terrified to arrive at my first workout.  I was feeling so self conscious, and out of shape, and so unhappy with my own body.  I never in my life enjoyed working out, and could always come up with an excuse.  The coaches have brought out the best in me, and have been so encouraging from the very beginning.  Polarize has changed my life forever.  I now look forward to the five days that I get to spend in the gym.  I look forward to seeing each one of the coaches.  I am down 55lbs and going strong, accomplishing things that I never thought possible, and loving how great being strong feels.  I would recommend Polarize to anyone and everyone, and would encourage you to come and be a part of the PCF Family.  Thanks PCF xoxo

Monica C.

Love the coaches, variety of class times and programming. I’ve been a member for almost 2 years and it’s like a second home.

Crystal S.

I have been a PCF member for about a month now and I absolutely love it! Susan and all of the coaches welcomed me and my toddler with open arms; it feels like home now. Family environment!

I was intimidated at first, but I love that each class begins with a friendly game-inspired warm up. It is also important to me that the coaches go through the movements with a pvc pipe to make sure each athlete has the movements down before doing that actual WOD.

I’m also super stoked to join the intramural open competition— held in house. The team spirit and camaraderie is so exciting and makes the workouts feel like fun vs. work!

Caio S.

The best!

Kathy K.

Have belonged to Polarize CrossFit for seven years. By exercising it has helped me come through many life situations. It is like an extended family.

Written Testimonials (4)

Frank S.

A great place for exercise and socializing with neighbors.

Leela K.

Polarize CrossFit is a beginner friendly place. At age 66 with a knee injury, they taught me how to squat properly, and adjusted all workouts to what I can do. Somehow with the new way of exercise, my knee is feeling good and I am back to running. People that can lift heavy weights are friendly, not intimidating as I thought I might be, because we are doing the same workout though at different levels.

Polarize CrossFit is a fun place, we have potlucks, contests, fundraisers and projects. Most contests are team oriented, find or pick a partner and each can adjust your level of competition, that means even a beginner can win the contest. We have a resident dog, so get your puppy fix while you are at it.

Robert B.

Locally owned, CrossFit gyms and the attitudes of the group reflect the owner, and this one is no exception.  Friendly and welcoming.

Written Testimonials (3)

Susan P.

The Community at Polarize CrossFit’s gym is awesome! All of the members are welcoming and go out of their way to make a new member feel comfortable.  Fitness comes in all shapes and sizes and Polarize CrossFit focuses on helping each individual meet their goals!

Luce S.

Great community, relaxed gym with a wide range of fitness levels. Fun events. I really look forward to working out, seeing the coaches and the members. Come give it a try!

Lety G.

Great gym, friends, and great coaches. This will always be home for CrossFit for me!  Thanks for pushing me to my limits!

Jeff and Brittany S.

My husband and I dropped in from out of town and I can’t say enough of how welcoming and nice everyone was to us! Coach Jo and Mike were both very helpful with technique and gave us great pointers. The facility was also very clean and organized. I’m so glad I found this CrossFit and I will for sure come back the next time we are in the area.

Nancy N.

I participate in the MAC program which is strength building along with stretch, cardio and balance. I appreciate the routines Lauri sets up for my class and for the gals that attend each session. Jo offers open gym hours conducive with my schedule. Polarize is the place to go for your workouts.

Testimonial: Kai

Meet Kai…
For as long as I can remember, I have been extremely skinny. People weren’t afraid to tell me either, I would always get comments and jokes about my appearance from just about everyone, including strangers, family, and even most friends.
In turn, I’ve always hated my appearance and last year, I decided to make a change. I joined Polarize Crossfit around March of 2021 and ever since I’ve been working with these coaches, I’ve noticed a huge change in both my physical and mental status.
I began this journey at 115lbs with a BMI of a whopping 16.5 (keep in mind an anorexic BMI is 17.5), and now clock in at 140lbs with a BMI of 20.1, a simply unreal improvement.
I feel way more confident and don’t feel the need to cover my body any longer.
May be an image of 1 person and biceps

Testimonials: Written (2)

Sheree B.

Love working out at Polarize, Best coaching and Friendly people.

Always a great workout!

Eric J.

Good workout and lots of options for workout times. Different types of classes. Good atmosphere.

Rick B.

The moment I walked into the front door I felt welcomed. I was out of shape and even though there were some studs in the gym, I never felt intimidated. Been a Polarize CrossFit athlete for almost 3 years now.

Eric A.

Coach Jo and the team are great!  Have been going for over 4 yrs and love the gym’s energy!

Testimonials: Written


They opened their doors to support the NoCo Sober group (via the Phoenix App), which is just way awesome!  Great workout, great facility, thanks for the coaching!

Eric J.

After trying multiple gyms in the area, I picked this one due to its hospitable staff, good hours, cleanliness, equipment upkeep and availability.

I think the gym is a bit of a hidden gem, and its location keeps it hidden from public view. I believe that fact alone makes it so classes are never overburdened with people. This makes it easier to get personal instruction, keep equipment clean and nice, and get to know the coaches and other athletes on a higher level.

For the year and a half or so I have been a member I have attended usually four or five times a week. I usually go in the mornings. Currently due to low numbers in the morning they are considering doing away with it. If they do I will have to go to another gym and that would be upsetting because I feel other gyms are not as personable in the area. Sunday cardio sessions have been done away with for now, but with some more interest it could come back.

Coach Jo is now the owner, and my wife and I have come to know her personally. She has actually helped us with cooked meals when my wife had surgery.


Polarize CrossFit is an amazing gym. Probably the best I have ever been a member of and I’ve been a member of many (as I’m in my 50’s). The people here have become like family to me. Everyone made me feel welcome from the first day I walked in.  All the nervous jitters of joining a new gym was gone in about 15 minutes on that first day and I have always felt welcome since.

Jo is amazing, as a coach and as a person. She has just the right balance of encouragement and positive reinforcement. She will help you push yourself to your limits but never push you to a place where you shouldn’t go. Her knowledge, skills and techniques are superior. Sometimes I want to say…yeah I’ve got it Jo (lol)… but in the end she has made me much better in my technique, skills and my strength has increased dramatically. My favorite words I always hear from Jo are “Look’en good Team!”

The same goes for Rick and Kevin. They are both amazing trainers as well as great human beings. Many times when Rick is working out with the group, he will intentionally hold himself back. I believe this is his way of not wanting to appear to elevate himself over others. It’s ok Rick… you can go for it; our feelings won’t be hurt. My main purpose for writing this review is simply to encourage others to join our gym to strengthen it with numbers and increase our gym family. My review is totally unsolicited and written completely out of affection for the awesome people running our box and for those that I suffer and thrive with day in and day out. The pandemic has certainly been difficult but our gym will survive and thrive again soon as it is one of the greatest places on earth to spend a few hours a week surrounded by awesome people while we all improve ourselves.  Welcome to our family. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Written Testimonials.

Vivian R.

Coach Jo and Jesse have been super amazing, supportive, and knowledgeable. I attend the Sweat BootCamp and I feel great afterwards. They consider any injuries you may have had to help modify any exercises. I feel welcomed and cared for at this gym ❤️

Francisco G.

If I could give a rating above 5 stars, I would. I was a member of Polarize CrossFit for about 8 months. Everyone is very welcoming and supportive. Coaches are knowledgeable and patient. Something I really liked is that coaches take their time to show the right posture and teach you how to scale down if necessary to avoid any injuries.

Roz A.

I am part of a great group of women who use the Mature Athletes Circuit part of the gym. I super appreciate having this option. Owner, Jo, welcomes everyone with enthusiasm and genuineness.  I begin each morning there and love it!

October 2022 Schedule

Friday, October 7 at 630pm-730pm – Snatch Clinic

Coach Tamara teaches the Snatch – Clinic is filled**

Saturday & Sunday, October 15 & 16 – PCF Closed

We are hosting a USA Weightlifting Course**

Friday, October 21 at 7pm – Go Out & Hang Out

Get together outside the gym at a family friendly location  *   Pay your own way – Enjoy great company!

Saturday, October 22 at 1015am – Mind Your Body

Hannah’s Holistics – Full body destress & mobility Workshop

Saturday, October 29 at 9am-11am-Super Saturday

3 WODs Competition Style/Partner Workouts

Saturday, October 29 at 6pm-9pm – Fright & Feast

BBQ Potluck at the gym! Bring a dish to share and dress up in your favorite Halloween costume too



*Workshops are always FREE to Polarize CrossFit Members & $10 cash/attendee for non-members

**$ means there is a fee and registration required for the event

***Events are at Polarize CrossFit unless noted 😊

Testimonial: Anthony

Meet Anthony…

May be an image of 1 person, shorts and indoor

I have been working out for the past 10 years and tried ev erything from powerlifting to strictly running. I had even tried CrossFit before and actually fell in love with it after the first day. But I had never stuck to it.
Then I found Polarize CrossFit…Coach Jo has been amazing, professional, and very knowledgeable. I started going to Polarize in July 2021 and have had the best results from any type of exercise I had ever done before and am addicted to this place.
Not only is the training legit, but the community is also amazing. Everyone is very friendly and it is one big happy family. Polarize CrossFit does a fantastic job at making everyone feel welcome.
We go out and have dinners together, have friendly competition WODs, potlucks and Coach Jo has even gone as far to hosting comedy shows in her gym. This place is awesome. 10/10 would recommend!
This is the type of place that you will look back on and smile at your past memories. The coaching and community is impeccable. Coach Jo is the best mentor I’ve ever had and I will always remember this place when I have to leave it.

Testimonial: Amber


Amber had a goal to play Varsity Soccer at her high school for her senior year.
Without playing competitively, Amber decided to improve her skills and strength by running and joining Polarize CrossFit.
Amber not only made the Varsity Soccer team she also got an award for the MOST IMPROVED player all thanks to her hard work in the gym!

Testimonial: Dana

Dana’s story:

I had never struggled to maintain a healthy weight and fitness level until I was in my early 40’s – that’s when the extreme swings in weight began.

I had been a competitive athlete all my life & competed at the collegiate level.

I had always been able to lose the pregnancy weight quickly after each of my 4 pregnancies – even though my last 2 boys were only 10 months apart.

I was an avid runner and began lifting weights in the gym at 16 years old. Being married to a Marine inspired and motivated me to stay fit, which is how we met in the first place, on our youth swim team when I was 12 and my husband was 13 years old!

Fast forward to my early – 50’s, when I truly felt “out-of-control” by my lack of fitness and weight gain, not to mention trying to balance hormones, working/coaching competitive high school athletics for 50/week.

Physically, I felt terrible. I had no confidence, no energy, no fitness “purpose”, which had always come so easy and naturally to me.

I lost 40 pounds by eliminating refined sugar & processed foods over the course of 8 months, but had reached a plateau and was getting pretty frustrated!

I had always wanted to try CrossFit but I thought that was only for young & elite athletes – I had never trained in this modality before and wasn’t sure that I could learn a new sport at 53 years old!

On Oct. 20, 2021 I walked into Polarize Crossfit and was immediately hooked! I have regularly been attending 5 days/week, made drastic changes to my work schedule, reset my priorities/purpose, & could not be happier – hubs is VERY happy too!

To say that Polarize CrossFit is one of the BEST communities that I have ever been part of is an understatement!

Best coaching that I have ever received – Coach Jo & Coach Anthony could not be more professional and patient with me; the other members are amazing people! I LOVE IT HERE! I am happy, strong, confident and enjoy learning what I can better with each WOD.

Now when I take my grandchildren on outings, people think I am mom!

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