Al Thielemann

Certified Trainer

CF-L-1 Certified, CF Kids, CPR, Wilderness First Aid, CARDA 1095, Child First Aid

I have always been an athletic person. Growing up I played travel/competitive youth baseball, which led to 4 years of varsity baseball, which led to 4 years of varsity baseball and 2 years of varsity basketball in high school. I choose to play college D-1 baseball, despite being drafted by the Padres right out of high school. I played at UCLA and LBSU. After a career ending injury, I lost interest in working out. It wasn’t until 2013, when I was introduced to CrossFit, that it sparked my competitive nature again and I got my L1 in 2014, followed by my Kids’ CrossFit Cert in 2016. I love coaching and I enjoy that my entire family can participate in CrossFit. My hobbies include woodworking and Search and Rescue with my dog. The one thing I love about Polarize CrossFit, is the family atmosphere we have here.