Jo Boleyn


CF-L2 Coach, USAW Sports Performance Coach, USAW Weightlifting Master Athlete, Basic Life Support AED certified, American Red Cross Instructor.

I enjoyed recreational softball from the age of ten through my early thirties. It was in my early twenties when I first found my love for Olympic weightlifting and became an ACE certified personal trainer and amateur weightlifting competitor. For over 20 years now, I actively volunteer as an American Red Cross Instructor for an array of courses and umpired fast and slow pitch softball for nearly 15 years. In college I played rugby and dabbled in bodybuilding between competition cycles. I moved from my hometown in Ohio to San Diego and while I grew professionally I placed my health and wellness low in my priorities for a few years. After putting on a considerable amount of weight and finally having enough of a sedentary lifestyle, I found CrossFit through a friend at work. Since starting my journey with CrossFit in late January 2013, I have lost over 100 pounds of fat, gained a considerable amount of lean muscle mass and enjoy a level of fitness I’ve never before known. I am a believer in the combination of functional movement, mobility exercises and informed nutrition. I adore witnessing people literally change their lives in so many ways through the influence and commitment to CrossFit. I am grateful and thankful for our CrossFit Community and I appreciate the opportunity to share it with others…see you in the box!