Keith Booe

Certified Trainer

CF-L1, CF Kids, USAW

Growing up and spending years with a “normal” athletic background, from school athletics to several enlistments in the Marine Corps, I eventually stopped enjoying “going to the gym”. After finding CrossFit in 2014, I again found pleasure in exercise, since functional fitness is more enjoyable to me than working out for the sake of working out. Since beginning CrossFit, I have used to rehab many of the typical ailments, including excessive weight, and a herniated disc. Becoming a coach at Polarize CrossFit allows me to continue my own journey, while assisting others who may be looking for something different, or who may be facing some of the same ailments and injuries that I have. With the CrossFit community being as unique as it is, I also enjoy providing an environment where those visiting the San Diego area, or who have moved to, or been stationed in the area, know they can come for a good workout, and the camaraderie of like-minded individuals.