Kevin Meredith

Certified Trainer

CF-L1, CPR & AED Certified

I have been playing sports recreationally and competitively since I was in elementary school. I played soccer competitively in high school and spent a short few months on my college track team training with decathletes. Shortly thereafter I found an interest in weight training and bodybuilding. That interest then evolved into powerlifting, which became the focus of my training for several years. During these first few years of training, I found myself driven to learn as much as possible about diet, training, and consistency as I could.

After moving to the San Diego area for a job teaching high school physics, I found that my consistency in the gym had been diminishing. In comes CrossFit to the rescue! I originally chose to give CrossFit a try purely because of the scheduled class times and their ability to give me some much-needed consistency to my workout routine. Fast forward two years and I am doing CrossFit four to five times per week, still setting personal bests, and getting my CF-L1. It is my goal as a coach to help every athlete that steps through our doors to improve their fitness, mindset, and approach to living a better life.