We are excited you have chosen our facility to help you reach your health and fitness goals!

Please read this in its ENTIRETY to ensure a great experience with us!

Gym Rules

  • Please wait in the waiting areas until a Coach calls your class to the floor. Staying off the floor during another class helps the Coach focus on the athletes in class with a clear view.
  • Your Coach will instruct when to grab your equipment and where to set up. Everyone will have ample space and you can trust the Coach has a plan to make things flow well.
  • Wipe down used equipment/rig and chalk marks.
  • Return the equipment back to where you got it before class.
  • After class is over, you can stay as long as you want, just not on the gym floor if another class is in session. Feel free to take advantage of the MAC area, the back room or any of the waiting areas.
  • Polarize CrossFit works hard to provide a safe and clean environment for your every workout. Together we make a great team!

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  • Our direct emails come from info@polarizecrossfit.com
  • Auto Texts from 760-274-8468.  We use the text line for important gym updates like schedule changes, reminders, activities within our gym community and such. This is no attempt to spam you, it is your Coaching Staff reaching out with important details about your membership!
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Polarize CrossFit embodies the lifestyle of CrossFit with safety at top of mind.

Proper nutrition fuels the athlete and aids recovery while receiving a high level of coaching with care in a genuinely clean facility.

We are a family box where all levels of athletes at all ages improve their fitness by becoming faster and stronger.

We want you to push yourself, but scale to an appropriate level. This is why we have a dedicated staff to help you meet your fitness goals.